Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January 15th COAD Meeting Summary

January 15, 2013

Attendees: Kent Catlin & Chalice Dew-Johnson (DEM/WUEM); Maggie Albert (MRC); Noriko Lao, Mavis Dalzell & Patrick Hurley (ARC); Charles Law (Roosevelt Neighborhood Assoc.); Russ Weston (Grange); Mallory Graving (Saturna Capital), Don Chumley (COAD, LDS)
New Attendee: Mallory Graving of Saturna Capital. Saturna Capital is able to contribute knowledge and skills in the area of communications.

The COAD Blog: The blog can be found at: http://whatcomcoad.blogspot.com/. It contains minutes from past meetings and information on upcoming activities and meetings. The group decided to add a sidebar with permanent links to resources, including a COAD overview, COAD flyer, COAD flow chart, and membership information and forms. You may subscribe at the blog page to receive notifications whenever the blog is updated.

The Role of LDS in COAD: LDS is a core organization in COAD and does most of the background work, including maintaining and updating membership information, the resource binders, and the COAD Unit Managers who will staff the EOC on behalf of COAD. There may be a need to re-train Unit Managers to ensure enough are available to staff the EOC if necessary.

COAD Tabletop Exercise: There will be a stand alone tabletop exercise for COAD on May 21st during the regularly scheduled COAD meeting. It will likely take 2 hours.  The exercise will then tie in to a broader functional exercise held in the spring. The exercise will help keep membership connected and practice implementing the COAD flow chart.
Action:    Kent will plan the exercise and Patrick and Mallory have asked to participate.
Action:    Mavis will send out an invitation to member organizations asking participants to RSVP. When the invitation is sent, we can also ask organizations to confirm their desired membership level such as “active” or “active for disasters”.

MyState USA: COAD Members are invited to sign up for MyState USA to receive notices via email or text message regarding potential extreme weather and other potential emergency situations. More information can be found at: http://www.whatcomready.org/public-alerts/

Sustainable Connections Business Conference: COAD will set up an information booth at the spring conference (likely held at the end of April) to educate businesses on preparedness planning.
Action:    Patrick will monitor the timing and particulars of the event.

Future COAD Meetings: Meetings will continue to be scheduled every month, but meetings may be cancelled in advance if there are no agenda items requiring attention.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be on March 19th at 3:00pm. Monitor your email or the COAD blog for any changes in the schedule.