How Does COAD Work?

During a Disaster:

1) A disaster occurs- Whatcom County or a local jurisdiction will request an Incident Command Post and/or an Emergency Operations Center be established.

2) Whatcom Unified Emergency Management and the Whatcom Unified Incident Management Team will be assisting in manning all the sections of the Incident Command System.

3) One of these Sections will be the Logistics Section. The Logistics section will request that a COAD Unit Leader report to the Logistics Section to assist in identifying potential resources and organizations from within COAD, that could volunteer to assist during this "time of need".

Outside of a Disaster:

1) Meet on a regular basis to ensure community mitigation and education is taking place in effort to enhance the resiliency of Whatcom County.

2) Recruit more organizations into COAD to ensure the proper resources and volunteers are available when a disaster occurs.

3) Maintain the necessary relationship between volunteers, COAD member organizations, and first responder agencies to ensure a seamless collaboration with incident command when an event occurs.