Friday, December 7, 2012

November 20th COAD Meeting Summary

November 20, 2012

Attendees: Angela Murray (WVC), Hollie Moe (WVC), Kent Catlin (DEM/WUEM), Bill Aiken (MRC), Herm Fransen (World Renew), Noriko Lao (ARC), Mavis Dalzell (ARC), Patrick Hurley (ARC), Charles Law (Roosevelt Neighborhood Assoc.)

New Attendees:
  • Herm Fransen represented World Renew, which is an international organization that focuses on initial response, needs assessing, and reconstruction.
  • Angela Murray and Hollie Moe represented WVC in place of Sue Ellen. Angela is the new Executive Director of WVC.

Continued Outreach to Local Businesses – after the September seminar, the group will continue to reach out to local businesses by joining pre-existing events that businesses are likely to attend, rather than hosting stand-alone events. Possible events include: The Northwest Business Expo and Technology Showcase, likely to be held in September 2013, and the Sustainable Connections 2013 Future of Business Conference, in the spring. Specifically, COAD would like to organize an information booth at such events.
  • Action item: Patrick will look into the timing and particulars of the Sustainable Connections event.

Future Projects – continuing its discussion from October, COAD is discussing possible future projects for next year.  Ideas raised include:
  •  Finding volunteers from COAD member organizations to train for tasks that DEM usually needs during a disaster, particularly sandbagging.
  • Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) training for COAD member groups.

After discussion, it was decided that COAD would first pursue the MYN training. DEM will provide three train-the-trainer sessions and the attendees could take the training back to their organization or group. It was mentioned that such training may be particularly useful for those in the county. It was also mentioned that neighborhood associations may be interested. The particulars of the training and the participants will be discussed at the next meeting

COAD Structure and Role – The role of COAD during disasters was discussed, due in part to the presence of new members. 
  • In the event of a disaster, trained COAD Managers would staff the EOC on behalf of COAD and use the COAD resource binder to identify organizations that could provide specific assistance.
  • It was decided that the flow chart should be re-circulated so members can better understand COAD’s role. The flow chart will be discussed at the next meeting.
    • Action item: Kent will circulate the COAD flow chart.
  • It was decided that a table top exercise may be useful to put the flow chart to use and analyze how the EOC, COAD, and WVC operate together during a disaster. It would be facilitated by DEM. The possible exercise will be discussed further at the next meeting.
  • Because they have played such a prominent role in developing the flow chart, maintaining the resource binder, and developing the COAD Managers, it would be very useful to have the Chumleys at the next meeting, as well as Chalice.
    • Action item: Mavis will inquire about the Chumleys’ possible attendance at a future meeting.

Next Meeting: There will not be a meeting in December. The next meeting will be on January 15th at 3:00pm.