Monday, September 9, 2013

July 16th COAD Meeting Summary

July 16, 2013

 Attendees: Bob Jacobson (CERT), Chalice Dew-Johnson (DEM), Kent Caitlin (DEM), Noriko Lao (ARC/Garden Street Church), Charles Law (Roosevelt Neighborhood Assoc.), Melissa Logan (ARC), Patrick Hurley (ARC/Downtown Bellingham Partnership), Natalie Chavez, Cheryl Brown (Adventist Community Services), Lawana Chapman, Hollie Moe (WVC), Brian Thmpson (COAD), Geri Chumley (COAD), Don Chumley (COAD), Angela Murray (WVC)
June Tabletop Exercise Review:

  • Kent and Chalice shared a draft after action report for June’s tabletop exercise. After feedback, they will share final version.
  • Group then looked at the slides and questions that were not covered during exercise.
  • Helping Businesses Reopen:
    • There are limited resources within COAD to help businesses reopen
    • We need to continue business outreach at business events
    • We should work with Chambers of Commerce in small cities to become COAD members
    • Some organizations like Chambers and the Downtown Bellingham Partnership can serve as information channels for things like SBA loan availability
    • Patrick will register the Downtown Bellingham Partnership with COAD
  • How to Exercise in the Future:
    • We need to look for ways to include COAD Unit Leaders/volunteers/volunteer organizations in exercises that are already planned and low impact events; stand alone exercises may not be necessary regularly
    • We need to encourage COAD members and COAD unit leaders to complete FEMA ICS training (100, 200, 700) so they understand EOC work environment
    • We need to include long term exercising for COAD members (events that may extend for weeks)
    • Future exercises should simulate EOCs, with Unit Leaders working in EOCs and COAD agencies working outside EOCs, as would be the case in reality

Other Business:

  • Ferndale needs more COAD members.  We should look for similar organizations from other smaller cities. Possibilities include: Management Services Northwest, Family Medical Center, Interfaith Coalition, Sauder Manufacturing.
  • Locations for WVC registration sites need to be explored.  Possibilities include: Sportsplex, Lynden Fairgrounds, Ferndale Events Center.
    • Bob needs to coordinate with WVC regarding CERT people registering volunteers in “hinterlands”.
    • We need to ensure that WVC uses expedient volunteer registration forms and that, after 72 hours, volunteers go through the Whatcom County background check process.

Next Meeting: AUGUST MEETING IS CANCELLED. Next meeting on September 16th, 3:00-5:00 PM