Friday, July 13, 2012

June 19th COAD Meeting Summary

June 19, 2012

Attendees: Sue Ellen Heflin (Whatcom Volunteer Center); Natalie Chavez; Noriko Lao, Mavis Dalzell & Patrick Hurley (ARC); Charles Law (RNA); Chalice Dew-Johnson (WUEM)

Small Business Preparedness Seminar:
·        Venue – Chalice has been working with the Health Education Center so that the seminar has enough space to accommodate approximately 200-300 people.
·        Information booths
o       There will be approximately 15 tables for information booths. 7 tables are spoken for by ARC (2 tables), CERT, Somebody Cares, COAD, WVC, and WUEM.
o       It is unknown if the organizations 211, 501 Commons, or the WWU Center for Economic Vitality will have booths, but all have been contacted.
o       The idea of a Humane Society booth was raised. Mavis will contact them. It was also suggested that WAVOAD had an agricultural resource that could provide information to attendees on handling large animals
o       For-profit businesses will not have information booths due to the lack of space, but there may be space at one table for local merchant to advertise their relevant services. 
·        Brochure/Flyer – Some edits have been made. Prior to the event it may be updated again to, among other things, list the organizations with information booths.
·        Publicity – The flyer has been shared with many possible attendees and chambers of commerce have been informed. Sue Ellen has been in contact with Sustainable Connections, which will be involved in disseminating the flyer to its members. Kent previously said he will reach out to cattle and dairy associations. Skagit COAD will be notified by Mavis.
·        Seminar Content: The tentative program is as follows: A COAD representative will welcome attendees and explain COAD and how businesses can be involved (WECU is an example); WUEM will provide introductory remarks about small business preparedness and September being preparedness month; The keynote speaker will speak for about 45 minutes, followed by Q&A; A COAD representative will close the seminar with an overview of the information booths. Organizations with information booths are asked to provide a short summary (a couple of sentences) of their organization and their booth. The remainder of time before and after the presentations will be for attendees to visit the various information booths.
·        Refreshments – It was confirmed that refreshments would be allowed in the venue. Mavis continues looking for businesses to assist with refreshments; It was understood from the last meeting that Marie from Somebody Cares may know of a source for coffee.

Next Meeting: July 17th, 3:00pm.